Do you know how many users visit your website per day?

Are you aware what products are often viewed but rarely bought?

Do you know which social media users provide the biggest traffic to your website?

Do you know what % of users saw “Contact Us” tab, read the whole page or clicked on a specific button?

Is your target audience age group or gender consistent with your expectations?

Do you know from which cities, countries, devices or phone models visitors enter the website?

Who we are?

We are a small start-up which is providing web data analytics in an idea of “plug and play”, so just click on link and see Your business in charts.

You will get an access to data that will tell you who visits your site and how they behave there

Implementing analytics in business is a big challenge, which is why we ensure efficient implementation of our solutions

We are focused on simplicity. You don’t have to be a data specialist – we will deliver data in the form of a clear report

We won’t leave you alone with data and charts. We will provide support in data interpretation in such a way that will bring a value to your business

System maintenance is still free, the only cost is the initial implementation which varies between 200 – 1000 EUR net (for more complex implementations we are establishing it individually)

Our own solutions in conjunction with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager allow you to provide personalized information about site visitors

We have experience in the areas of Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Science. The data accompanies us every day


We are handling the whole data analysis process and the result is in one place, in an interactive report, without logging into Google Analytics and digging through a stack of complex reports. Of course, we can tailor the report to your requirements.

Below link contains report example which was built in our system

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